Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child today and help break the cycle of poverty by providing education, nutrition, and healthcare to children in need through our trusted and transparent organisation.

When you sponsor a child through UTNU, you are not only changing that child’s life, but also supporting the entire community they belong to. Your contribution will help provide access to education, healthcare, and basic needs like clean water and nutritious food.

Your sponsorship will provide a child with the opportunity to receive a quality education, which is critical for their future success. Many vulnerable children in Uganda do not have access to schooling due to poverty, lack of resources, and other challenges. Through your support, you can help break the cycle of poverty and provide a brighter future for these children.

In addition to education, your sponsorship will also help provide basic needs like food, clean water, and healthcare. These are essential components of a child’s growth and development, and they are often out of reach for families living in poverty.

Sponsoring a child is an incredibly rewarding experience. You will receive regular updates and photos of the child you are supporting, so you can see the impact of your contribution firsthand. You will also have the opportunity to communicate with your sponsored child through letters and even visits, if you are able.

Your sponsorship will make a real difference in the life of a vulnerable child. With your support, we can help these children grow up healthy, educated, and empowered. Join us today in changing lives and building brighter futures for vulnerable children in Uganda.

Sponsorship Packages
Primary School

Boarding Per Term

Primary School

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Secondary School

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Secondary School

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Help Raise Money

we rely on the support of generous donors to fund our programs and services. With your help, we can continue to make a positive impact in the lives of those we serve.

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We believe that change starts with each of us, and when we come together with a shared vision, we can achieve remarkable things. By being the change you wish to see, you can inspire others to do the same and create a ripple effect of positive transformation.